Custom Service
As our company supports the sample service, we will start to purchase materials, CNC parts processing, polishing and welding of vibration bowl feeder, glue spraying, paint baking of bowl body, assembly and inspection of vibration bowl feeder according to the previous design scheme and customer' s requirements.
  Polishing: The use of polishing technology to improve surface gloss, thereby improving product quality.
  Welding: The use of welding technology to make the parts together.
  Baking technology: The use of baking technology has the function of anticorrosion, waterproof, antirust and beautifying the appearance of products.
  Glue spray: The use of spray glue can increase the surface gloss and wear resistance of the product, so as to prolong the service life of the product.
  CNC milling: The five axis machining center has the characteristics of high quality and high efficiency, which can ensure the accuracy of CH dimension.
Company Qualification
Our company applied for and successfully passed the CE certification in 2013, and obtained the CE certification certificate.